"Social Media Is Not About The Exploitation Of People And Technology, But About Service To The Community."

   Communities are the best method of nurturing prospects, partners, and customers while creating an entry barrier for your competition. Because of this fact, a Community of Purpose (CoP) adds to your company’s valuation as a tangible asset with large multipliers. See if communities are right for your business, and if you should make them part of your strategic marketing plans. Remember that you'll have more success in social marketing if you market with a purpose that delivers value to the network.

Our Communication Management Services

"Hey there, communities are used to conduct social marketing. They transform members into sales-ready leads. Many times, members must build consensus among other team members. Members use communities because they themselves aren’t qualified to explain the solution vision. In the environment of rising costs of new customers, repeat business is critical to profitablty, and communities are used to build member loyalty."
    "Unlike other marketing practices, at The Agency we can build and manage your community, and design the community to be an integral component of the social marketing effort, which results in higher volume sales and increases in repeat business- all with less market resistance."
   "Due to our ability to share marketing costs between multiple clients, process automation, and workflow templates, we reduce the time required to accomplish social marketing objectives. We deliver more marketing value, in less time, at less cost!"

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