“Never Mistake Motion For Action.”

   If you’ve ever listened to sales people talk who aren’t doing their job, you’ll understand this frustration. They’ll tell you all kinds of “stuff” about their prospects- stuff that isn't important, instead of one simple fact. Which is, the prospect isn’t actively closing business. Once we’ve established relationships of trust, we must move along, and activate the decision-making process. Otherwise we experience perpetual motion with no closing in sight.

Our Community Activating Services

"In our Community Management service, we strive to provide five components which enable the active decision-making process. We provide quality information. We help the prospect build confidence in their decision-making abilities. We help them formulate decisions that they have authority to make. We provide them with decision criteria, and motivation to make the decision.

In the proper activating environment, community members have already demonstrated a desire to communicate, and are in the process of building a relationship of trust, they enter into the activating process to become a fully qualified lead.

Let us help you develop and manage your community of purpose, make your prospecting more effective, and deliver more qualified leads to your sales team.

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