“A Real Friend Is One Who Walks In, When The Rest Of The World Walks Out.”

   In this stage of Social Marketing, communities can really develop value. Your levels of customer loyalty, and prospect loyalty will go through the roof if your using an active community. This in turn creates prospect referrals and makes your social marketing investment even more efficient than before. When the competition gets involved, imagine if your prospects were there to stand up for you.

Our Community Befriending Services

"Our Community Service includes befriending activities. These are designed to use properly aligned leadership styles and powers to successfully nurture community members and increase their performance readiness.

We maintain this stage of your sales cycle. You don’t have to throw away prospects that aren’t ready yet. They will make great promoters, and someday even become leads.

If you find that your prospects require time to build their internal team, and the team needs time to develop their levels of trust in their decision-making process, then a community may be just the ticket, give us a call to discuss.

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