"If I Could Get My Membership Fee Back, I'd Resign From The Human Race."

   On-line community members expect value, or they will leave. To provide that value, someone needs to keep their line in the pool with attractive bate. Active, vibrant communities require active fishermen that are alert and attentive to member needs. That’s how you catch new leads in communities.


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Our Community Administration Services

"Hello there, our Community Management Service provides much more than just administration service. We tie social marketing campaigns to the issues in your community, change cultural desires and value norms while driving member recruitment efforts.
   Of course, getting them there is only a part of the service. We also nurture the members to increase their performance readiness.
   Only after members are ready, do they become leads for new and reoccurring business. But it doesn’t happen by itself. Our community architects can help you build a successful on-line community which produces a continuous source of sales leads.

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