Targeting Prospects

"The Internet Is Really About Highly Specialized Information, Highly Specialized Targeting."

   There’s not enough time and resources to contact every person on the internet. Depending on factors like your forecasted GPM, your required sales volume can be estimated. This quantity helps define where on the long-tail of marketing you want to be. There are processes that can help pin-point just where you should be spending your marketing investment. Don’t just shoot the bullet and hope the right person walks into it.

Our Prospect Targeting Services

"Hi, our Lead Generation Service will help you define your markets and determine who to target given your Social Marketing capabilities. We will activate qualified prospects using a set of coordinated campaigns in multiple social media platforms.

Based on their performance readiness, we’re able to generate qualified leads with high levels of conversion and close rates. The sooner in the sales cycle we identify which prospects will close, the more you can close, and the higher your profits are.

Let us help you define your optimal target and create a custom lead generation plan for your organization.

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